REX 2016

REX (short for "Residence Exploration") is a special and exciting tradition at MIT. With all of the dorms putting on tons of events highlighting their unique cultures and traditions, REX is a great time to explore all of the many opportunities that the MIT dormitory system has to offer, and for incoming students to find a place to call home.

At East Campus, we have tons of projects and events going on all the time. Stop by the courtyard to see all the exciting events and projects going on, grab a burger (we have veggie burgers too!), dye your hair, take a tour, and relax.

Here's our schedule for REX 2016. Most events take place in the EC Courtyard (between buildings 62 and 64) or in Talbot lounge (a big room on one side of the courtyard in building 62).

There are dorm tours Saturday-Tuesday 4-7pm from the EC Courtyard.

(You can also see the CPW 2016 schedule.)

Tuesday 8/23
Time Event Description Location
all day Courtyard Shenanigans Welcome to college! Revel in the sweet taste of freedom (in the form of burgers) and help us build things! No prior experience necessary. Courtyard
Wednesday 8/24
Time Event Description Location
all day Courtyard Shenanigans We've got a fort to build, burgers to eat, and people to help you out with both. Ever used a chop saw before? Now's the time to learn. Courtyard
Thursday 8/25
Time Event Description Location
all day Courtyard Shenanigans These burgers aren't going to eat themselves (we hope). Grab a hard hat and a drill and be a part of the greatest build MIT has ever seen. Courtyard
Friday 8/26
Time Event Description Location
all day Courtyard Shenanigans, powered by Pinkies Feast upon the charred meat of our ancestors (i.e. burgers) and bang rocks together like a caveman (i.e. screw together wood in a safe, responsible fashion). Fine diner food will be served in the evening, 22:00-01:00. Courtyard
Saturday 8/27
Time Event Description Location
all day Courtyard Shenanigans When you bring your friends to the East Side Party and they're riding on our giant swing carousel, you'll be able to say that /you/ helped build it. How cool would that make you look? Burgers provided. Courtyard
all day Grilling Come be a part of the East Campus meal plan. Vegetarian options provided. Courtyard
12-4PM Hair Dyeing What color is your hair? It could be a different color! Whoa! Courtyard
2-4PM Finger Painting Paint with other people's fingers and toes! Talbot Lounge
4-6PM Cooking with Soylent Come and help cook and eat food with Soylent! Items on the menu include pasta with Soylent based alfredo sauce, pudding with soylent, and creamy Soylent ramen. Prepare yourself for college dining at its finest! Talbot Lounge
11:50-11:55 PM You shouldn't be here. Seriously, go away. Courtyard
Sunday 8/28
Time Event Description Location
all day Grilling Just keep grilling, just keep grilling...come eat our food! Vegetarian options available. Courtyard
all day Courtyard Construction The East Side Party is tonight! Come help us finish our rides. Courtyard
11:30AM-1PM (Temporary) Hair Color and Tattoos! Not ready *yet* to permanently alter your hair's color? Love tattoos but suffer from needle phobia? Then come get your hair wrapped in colorful string and/or your skin decorated with henna! Talbot Lounge
12-4PM Hairy Dyeing Make sure everyone knows how edgy you are by turning your hair a different color. Let us help, and we can commiserate together about how NO ONE UNDERSTANDS US. Courtyard
1-3PM Leatherworking Mostly just making a mess, prob. Idk man do you think any of us really know what we're doing? Talbot Lounge
2-4PM Trader Jack's "Come get some yummy, free* Trader Joe's snacks from your local Trader Jack!

*Free in exchange for answering a completely normal, noninvasive personal question "
3-4:30PM Dino Dig East Campus has a lot of history, and we're digging for more of it in the sandbox. Help us dig up the hidden dinosaur skeletons...and hopefully avoid any important plumbing. Sandpit
4:30-6PM Body Double Make casts of bodies and body parts with your fellow frosh! Talbot Lounge
8:00PM - 1:00AM EAST SIDE PARTY Come to the East Side, where the beat of the bass never dies. Get spun on our swing ride, hang out in our three-story fort, and wrestle in substances never before wrestled in. And as you dance in the smoke, the lights, the thumping dreamscape of an unstoppable party, you too will taste sweet nectar of freedom. Sponsored by LEF and WMBR 88.1FM. Courtyard
Monday 8/29
Time Event Description Location
all day Grilling Math diagnostic went well? Great! Have a burger. Math diagnostic didn't go so well? Have two burgers. Didn't even go? Have three. Courtyard
12-2:30PM Hair Dyeing Let us change your hair color! Come join the dozens of upperclassmen mooching off of our REX-sponsored hair dye. Courtyard
1-2:30PM Hungry Hungry Hippos Life as a human not cutting it for you? Want to consume something other than rush burgers? Come embrace your inner hippopotamus with an irl throwback Talbot Lounge
1:30-2:30PM Flavorful Fellatio? phallic fruits and endless condoms, cum for fun Courtyard
4-5:30PM Hair Dyeing Normal hair color is /so/ high school. Courtyard
4-5PM Disney Music Sing-along Do you want to build a snowman? Join us as we sing our favorite Disney songs before MIT becomes frozen over. Talbot Lounge
4-5:30PM The Turtle Race "When some poor freshmen woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, they found themselves changed in their bed into some monstrous reptiles. They were lying on their backs as hard as armor plates..."

Have you ever dreamed of being as fast as a turtle? What about walking on four limbs, carrying around a large, heavy cage that restricts your movements?

A huge wooden turtle shell, a track, a stopwatch. Take on the carapace of your ancestors. No meteorites to threaten you, this time. Free the reptile that is in you."
6:30-8PM Discover Power Tools Want to learn about power drills and chopsaws? Get a hands-on introduction to these tools with one-on-one coaching. You'll get to practice your technique and learn about power tool safety. Courtyard
7:30-8PM RIOT! Do you have years of pent up angst and no outlet in sight? Do you refuse on principle to make peace with 'The Man'? Come to EAsT camPUS courtyard to participate in a feisty demonstration for the cause du jour. Riot topics will be audience's choice. Courtyard
8-9:30PM Basement Bowling As everyone knows, bowling is the oldest sport. Come celebrate this ancient tradition. Basement
9:30-11PM S'mores We love fire. Come roast bones over them. Gelatin is made of powdered bones, isn't that cool to think about? Like that gooey white lump used to be a skeleton. Aren't I good at making food sound appetizing? Courtyard
11:50-11:55PM Why are you here? Shoo, before I grab a flyswatter. Which will probably take the form of a 2x4. Courtyard
Tuesday 8/30
Time Event Description Location
all day Grilling Have you ever tried a meat burger, stacked on a veggie burger, sandwiched between two doughnuts? Now's your chance! Courtyard
12:30-2PM Hair Dyeing We've been dyeing your hair for days, and we'll keep dyeing it now. It will be a whole semester until your parents find out! Courtyard
12:30-2PM Mystery Pie Making Have you ever tried honeydew pie? What about pineapple pie? Bake up warm and flaky mini pies with assorted fillings to dupe and dazzle your friends. Talbot Kitchen
12:30-2PM Build a Fire Spinning Prop! Let us help you set yourself on fire (in a safe and controlled manner, of course!) Come learn how to build fire staff or poi, so you too can be hardk0r3. We'd be happy to answer questions about construction of other types of props as well! Materials will be provided for the first 10 participants. Talbot Lounge
6:30-8PM Make A Headlamp Make friends and practice your soldering skills. You're going to run across campus a lot during REX, so light your way from EC to Baker House by making a working(!) headlamp! Talbot Lounge
9:30-11PM Consensual Hand Holding Learn how to hold hands with others (or yourself!) safely and effectively. Practical portions included. Talbot Lounge
10PM-1AM Pinkie's "Bring your own stomach. We are not here to provide you with internal human organs. We did do chicken organs once but that wasn't well received," says Mary.

Do you look nostalgically at the good old times when humans lived in caves and food was eaten raw or cooked on a bonfire? When people communicated with singular guttural sounds, health standards did not exist and everything was more HardK0re?

If you don't live on free food, it's not rush. Come feed yourself."
Talbot Lounge
11PM-3AM Board Game Night! Come play board games in East Campus' Talbot Lounge! We'll have many games, including Mysterium, Evolution, Tokaido, Splendor, and many more! Talbot Lounge
Wednesday 8/31
Time Event Description Location
all day Courtyard Chillin' You decided you want to live with us, yay! Or maybe you decided to live somewhere else and just want to hang out. Or maybe you don't want to hang out and just want our burgers. Either way, you're all still welcome. Courtyard
5:30-6:25PM WATER WAR HYPE There's a storm brewing. Fashion your shields, don your war paint - the time of unity is in the past. Either you're with us or you're against us. Courtyard
6:25-6:26PM WATER WAR MARCH We leave the courtyard as soldiers, and we will return as victors. No matter what anyone else tells you, we always win the water war. Courtyard