REX 2015

REX (short for "Residence Exploration") is a special and exciting tradition at MIT. With all of the dorms putting on tons of events highlighting their unique cultures and traditions, REX is a great time to explore all of the many opportunities that the MIT dormitory system has to offer, and for incoming students to find a place to call home.

At East Campus, we have tons of projects and events going on all the time. Stop by the courtyard to see all the exciting events and projects going on, grab a burger (we have veggie burgers too!), dye your hair, take a tour, and relax.

Here's our schedule for REX 2015. All events take place in the EC Courtyard (between buildings 62 and 64) or in Talbot lounge (a big room on one side of the courtyard in building 62).

(You can also see the REX 2014 schedule.)

Tuesday 8/25
Time Event Description
all day Courtyard Shenanigans Greeting newly recruited Space Cadets! Join us in our courtyard to construct out of this world contraptions, meet your fellow explorers, and sustain yourself by consuming burgers.
Wednesday 8/26
Time Event Description
all day Courtyard Shenanigans We've got plans for a world record-breaking roller coaster. Come eat burgers and stay up all night building with us!
Thursday 8/27
Time Event Description
all day Courtyard Shenanigans We could never get the hang of Thursdays. We also probably stayed up way too late last night. Come and keep us awake, or join us in a nap on our multi-story space fortress!
Friday 8/28
all day Construction, burgers, and MORE FOOD. The spaaace diet gets dull pretty quick, doesn't it? Well, we've got a full diner for you tonight! Running from 10PM to midnight in Talbot Lounge.
10PM-12AM Pinkie's Did you forget to eat again? Well come on in and have any one of our many grease-covered options! You're practically wasting away, sweetheart.
Saturday 8/29
Time Event Description
all day Courtyard Construction Calling all space cadets. Come master the skill of Engineerin' in twenny minutes flat. Or, at least, learn how to use a power drill. No experience required.
11AM-6PM Grilling Our grills are hotter than a blue star.
12PM-4PM Hair Dyeing Space is colorful. Your hair could be too.
3PM-10PM Stupidity with Swimming Pools We have way too many swimming pools. Come help us figure out what to do with them!
4PM-7PM Dorm Tours Leaving every half hour from the courtyard. Go bodly forth into the uncharted depths of EAsT camPUS.
4PM-8PM 2"x4" Jenga The best part of scaled-up jenga is the scaled-up destruction when someone loses. Come play 2"x4" Jenga with us anytime! The blocks always live in the courtyard
5:30PM-12AM So Many Things We have things. We like having more things. Come build with us!
10:30PM-11:30PM Mandatory* Swim Test Ten laps around Lake Fred. Watch out for wood screws and grad students. *Not actually mandatory
Sunday 8/30
Time Event Description
12AM-3AM Morning Cartoons Welcome to college! AKA the entrance to the rest of your lives as "adults." Our first action as adults will be to watch Saturday morning cartoons. 'Cuz that's what adults do. Cereal, milk and poptarts provided.
all day East Campus Build Ever used a chop saw before? No? No problem, come and help us finish our roller coaster, fort, and trebuchet!
11AM-7PM BURGERS Houston, we have a problem. Too many burgers. Come eat them.
12PM-5PM Hair Dyeing Set your phasers to STUNinly colorful hair (ALL DAY)
1PM-7PM Accomplishment Wall Do you secretly want to tell your new friends about your perfect SAT scores or All-American status, but don't want to seem like a braggart? Come write it on our accomplishment wall, and be eternally (but anonymously) scorned. The wall will be here all week.
2PM-4PM Deep Frying Deep fry your friends. Deep fry your enemies. Deep fry your helicopter parents. Bring your own fryable things, or just pick out some of ours; either way, we'll batter and fry 'em.
3PM-6PM Make-Your-Own Constellation Box! Come to Talbot Lounge to make a light-up constellation out of LEDs! Take home a little piece of spaaace, and learn how to solder at the same time. Batteries provided.
3PM-5:15PM Decorate the Courtyard T minus 5 hours! We've got a party to make happen. Help us paint signs, make lights, hang lights, eat food, really whatever. We're not picky.
4PM-7PM Dorm Tours Leaving every half hour from the courtyard. Our buildings might fall down, so you'd better come check them out before they do!
7:50PM-7:55PM So many things So little time
8:00PM - 1:00AM EAST SIDE PARTY Come to the East Side, where the beat of the bass never dies. Feel the effects of gravity on our two (point five) story roller coaster, admire with our giant trebuchet, swing by our space elevator, and wrestle in substances never before wrestled in. And as you dance in the smoke, the lights, the thumping dreamscape of an unstoppable party, you too will taste the sweet nectar of freedom. Sponsored by LEF.
Monday 8/31
Time Event Description
all day BURGERS burgerburgerSPAAAACEburgerburgerburger. Vegetarian options available.
all day Ride our Rides Lines too long last night? Come ride our 'coaster today, play 3D twister, and see how far you can go in our homemade handcart.
7AM - 10AM We're not awake Mornings are hard. We're not awake yet. If you are, clearly you weren't up late enough admiring the cosmos. Try harder tonight.
12PM-1PM Housemaster Brunch See our Ruben's tube powered BBQ cooker and eat lunch with our awesome housemaster!
1PM-5PM Color Your Hair Ever want rainbow hair?
2:20PM-2:30PM You should probably actually go to the Math Diagnostic We know, it's difficult to tear yourself away from your newfound bliss to take a math test, but we'll see you again soon!
4PM-7PM Dorm Tours Step right up, step right up, we've got your murals here we've got your kitchens we've got that sketchy thing in the lounge that will make your parents nervous. Leaving every half an hour from the courtyard.
4PM-5:30PM Cruft Smashing A cloud of colorful powder explodes out of a toner cartridge, it looks almost like a nebula. Cracks radiate through an old desktop screen. Come smash electronic things with us!
6:30PM-8:30PM Pinkie's Did you forget to eat again? Well come on in and have any one of our many grease-covered options! You're practically wasting away, sweetheart.
6PM-12AM Bad Sci-Fi Movie Marathon Come watch the best of the worst! Enjoy classics like Plan 9 From Outer Space, suggest your own cinematographic disasters, and catch the premiere of EC’s very own student-made Roachquake!
8:30PM-9:30PM Ramen Cooking You're going to be eating ramen for the next 3 months. Learn how to make it better than cardboard!
10PM-1AM Skyline Missed the opening beats? It's never too late to join us as we dance, ride, wrestle, and scream the night away.
11:50PM-11:55PM You shouldn't be here.
Tuesday 9/1
Time Event Description
all day More Shenanigans Ever want to toss glitter off a three-story tall trebuchet? It will twinkle like the stars in the sky.
all day Ride our Rides We're continuing to make sure gravity still works.
7AM-10AM Are we awake yet? Awesome, let's keep doing things We'll be here all week. Probably even after REX is over.
11AM-6PM Grillgrillgrill More burgers than we have space for.
11AM-2PM Advanced Standing Exam True intelligence does not require a chair.
12PM-4PM Dorm Tours My god, its full of halls! Leaving every half hour from the courtyard.
12:30PM-5PM Hair Dyeing We've been dyeing your hair for days, and we'll keep dyeing it now. It will be a whole semester until your parents find out!
12:30PM-2PM Pinkie's Did you forget to eat again? Well come on in and have any one of our many grease-covered options! You're practically wasting away, sweetheart.
4:30PM-5:30PM THIS IS WAR Don your war paint; fashion your protective shield; arm yourself with balloons. WE SHALL FIGHT UNTIL NOTHING REMAINS BUT THE PUDDLES OF VICTORY.
6PM-7PM VICTORY BARBEQUE Come celebrate our delicious, delicious victory!
6:30-7PM Wall Destruction The Accomplishment Wall reaches its triumphant conclusion! Help us celebrate with sledgehammers and (immensely satisfying) destruction.
7PM-8PM Artemis Bridge Have you ever wanted to captain a spaceship? Make pithy comments about your captain's judgement? Defeat marauding aliens? Come play Artemis Bridge and fill the gaping void in your soul with the (pretend) vacuum of space.
7:30PM-12AM So many burgers DON'T PANIC. We still have plenty of burgers.
9PM-10PM We Still Care Need some last-minute help about your housing decision? Just want to chill with us and eat whatever food we have left? Come on by! If we don't have any food left, we might eat you!
11:50PM-11:55PM There's nothing here. We all left.
Wednesday 9/2
Time Event Description
12PM-1:45PM Courtyard Chillin' You decided you want to live with us, yay! Or maybe you decided you want to live somewhere else, and you just want to hang out. Either way, we'll be in the courtyard, you should be too.